American Medical Certification Association
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Medical Certification Examinations Provide...
  Credibility   Enhanced Placement Statistics   Portability
  Career Advancement   Increased Enrollment   Improved Marketability


General Information
According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the healthcare field continues to represent the fastest growing segment of our nation's economy. The American School of Business (ASB) recognized the need for certifying these individuals and through its newest division, the American Medical Certification Association (AMCA), the ASB is offering certification exams to the allied healthcare field. The American School of Business is nationally approved and recognized as a certification organization in all 50 states.

Increasing numbers of trained, career-oriented professionals enter this promising field each year, sharing common goals, interests and needs. To help these healthcare professionals meet their goals, AMCA is offering a certification exam to increase a candidate’s marketability and enhance their career portfolio.

The American School of Business (ASB) established in 1983, has a proven reputation in providing a quality education and up-to-date materials. The ASB’s newest division, AMCA, will enhance that reputation by offering quality certification exams to the allied healthcare field. 

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